or 11" x 15 1/2" poster and a 7" x 5" pho- POP Kit frame for individual Cruisers to ($5). Additional photos are FREE. IN-STORE DRIVE-THRU Our Drive-Thru POP Kit ($20) includes a reusable frame with protective plastic cover, double-sided tape to apply frame to menu board and 11" x 14" laminated poster. Refill posters are available ($10). The drive-thru POP display is easily assembled and attached in minutes! Slide the poster into the frame, snap on frame holders and attach to menu board. #40150 DRIVE-THRU POP KIT #42150 REFILL POSTER Please allow additional lead Kit $20.00; Poster $10.00 time to create your poster. #40027 CRUISER ADULT POP KIT #42053 REFILL POSTER SHOWCASE TOY PREMIUMS WITH OUR BUBBLE POP! #40054 CRUISER KIDS’ MEAL POP KIT #42054 REFILL POSTER On a counter, wall or (with available metal stand) in any high-traffic area, get maximum impact with a minimum amount of space with our Bubble POP Kit. Coordinating posters and toy sets available for all Kid Stuff premiums. #40192 BUBBLE POP KIT Includes display, poster and toy set. Size (with counter stand) 20" H x 14 1/4" W x 8 1/2" D Bubble POP Kit $150.00 (purchased separately) Bubble POP Kit $99.00 (with each 2 cases of toys purchased) #40193 BUBBLE POP FLOOR STAND *does not include POP kit KIT SOLD SEPARATELY Size (stand + display) 4 1/2' H Floor Stand $130.00* (purchased separately) Floor Stand $99.00* (with each 2 cases of toys purchased) #40297 TRUCK CLASSIC CRUISERS POP KIT #42297 REFILL POSTER #40296 MODERN CRUISERS POP KIT #42296 REFILL POSTER 82 KIDS WILL RETURN AGAIN AND AGAIN WHEN YOU PROMOTE YOUR KIDS MEAL PROGRAM WITH OUR POP! Every in-store POP kit comes with a reusable frame with built-in hook and stand plus an 11" x 15 1/2" poster and a 7" x 5" premium photo to match the program ($10). In-store refill posters include a full-col- CRUISERS All Cruisers POP posters not interchangeable with standard POP kit frames. #40010 CLASSIC CRUISER POP KIT #42010 REFILL POSTER Size 11" x 15 1/2" poster Kit $10.00; Refill Poster $5.00 FEATURE INDIVIDUAL CRUISERS CARTONS INDIVIDUAL CRUISERS Size 15 1/2" x 11" poster Kit $10.00; Refill Poster $5.00
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